Friday, March 19, 2010

2 'click' and easy ways to contact Congress

Two more click-'n-go ways to urge legislators not to vote for the health care reform bill:

Send a virtual postcard: I should first tell you that this link is sponsored by the Republican National Committee, so only proceed if you don't mind being associated with the RNC. You'll be able to send a message to as many as 43 Democratic leaders. No registration is necessary, not even your e-mail address, but you must enter your name and select an image for your postcard: an American flag, the Republican elephant or the "Don't Tread On Me" flag. (I suggest not selecting the DTOM flag, because it is a common symbol of Tea Parties, and it's best to separate the Tea Party movement and Republicans.)

The message says:
Dear Representatives,
I'm writing to remind you that you, as a government official, are in government to serve the people, not make the people serve your government.

I respectfully ask that you do the right thing by voting against Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid's health care "reform" experiment and heed the clear will of the majority of Americans to start over with step-by-step reform.

Please don't sacrifice American democracy on the altar of partisan arrogance and greed.

(Your Name)

Send a virtual letter: This link allows to to contact your representative and the 58 members of the Blue Dog Coalition. Here, you must provide your name, address and e-mail, partly so the Web site can look up your representative. Click the "Take Action" button, and a virtual letter with your signature is ready for you to send or edit:
I write to encourage you to oppose government-run health care and any legislation which might broaden the federal government's control over my health care.

Current health care legislation will result in lost health insurance and lost jobs for the American people and will push us deeper into recession.

I hope that you fight against health care legislation that would drive up costs, diminish quality and limit access. Please know that I'll be looking to see how you vote this march so that I know how I should vote this November.
Just click and go!


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