Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grayson plays petty politics at Perkins

*5-year-old playground speak inserted by The Real Polichick.

Attendees of an April 8 meeting of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee were (un)welcomed by a surprise guest speaker:

Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Orlando, barged into the Perkins restaurant where the meeting was held and accused the group -- his constituents -- of "spying on" members of Organizing for America. Nuh, uh! No fair!

OCREC released a statement on Tea Party Patriots Live describing the incident. The press release does not respond to Grayson's accusations that the committee members are spies. My guess is the committee monitors OFA activities, likely by joining e-mail lists, and encourages members to attend OFA events to counter protest -- just as many Tea Party groups do regarding MoveOn.org.

When Grayson began addressing the committee at its April 8 meeting, Matthew Falconer -- a Republican candidate for mayor of Orange County -- interrupted and demand that Grayson apologize for a recent comment he made about OCREC Chairman Lew Oliver.

Grayson is reported to have said: "Lew Oliver could not find a $20 bill if it was stuck in his ass." I'm rubber and you're glue ...

But instead of apologizing, Grayson asked Falconer, "Do you have to interrupt me?"

Falconer responded, "You came and interrupted our meeting." He started it, Ma!

At this point, Grayson could hardly get a word in because committee members joined Falconer in talking back to the representative. Then it got (even more) childish.

Grayson told Falconer to "take a walk." Falconer said, "No, you take a walk." Shut up. No, you shut up. No, you shut up first.

Grayson retorted, "You're lucky to get 5 percent of the vote, my friend." Nanny nanny poo poo.

Falconer got the final few "You take a walk" commands in -- with a finger pointed at the door -- before Grayson, finally, did take a walk out of the restaurant, shouting remarks along the way about "how low you've sunk" at the committee members. Waah, I'm telling Mom!

How old are we? Grayson, grow up and get some manners. Don't talk to your bosses that way -- you'll get fired.

See a video of the whole juvenile event below. The recording begins with Grayson reading from a piece of paper -- apparently a flyer sent by OCREC.

Take a walk!


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