Saturday, July 31, 2010

Deceit and denial upon our ramparts

From Greg Easley of the Canada Free Press on July 30:
To All Republicans: It is time to get real; time for a genuine epiphany. America is in dire peril at our own doing. We ask you to move right. Re-take your Oath of Allegiance to The United States of America followed by your Oath of Office to support and protect The Constitution of The United States. Get down on your hands and knees, kiss our Flag and pray for forgiveness for you crimes against America. Those who stand against our Nation will stand alone in the courts of American justice. Those who stand against our Nation will be cast aside in the voting booths of America and will stand alone and forgotten.

The majority of people in the United States, your voters, support these issues.
  1. Uphold and Protect The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.
  2. We want a smaller Federal government. Cut by at least 30%.
  3. A Balanced Budget. Citizens have to live within their means, so should governments. Our Federal government is too large. Its reach is too deep, usurping the rights of citizens, the States and the Federal budget is unsustainable.
  4. End the Corrupt Federal Reserve Bank. Return to the gold standard and/or a National Central bank.
  5. Support States Rights as defined by the Constitution. The Constitution only grants the Federal government 17 enumerated rights. The rest are granted to the States. Heed this law!
  6. A Strong Military. There is no substitute!
  7. Secure the Borders. No Amnesty! These people are illegal and have committed multiple crimes against America. There are 12 million of them. If they don’t like their own country, then they should go home, armed to the teeth and take it back, not invade our country out of convenience and timidity. They have no rights as illegals. That’s the law!
  8. English as the Official Language of the United States. One Flag “Old Glory”. “One Nation, Under God!”
  9. Resign from the UN. This organization is run by Marxists and is incapable of serving America’s interests or individual freedom.
  10. Energy Independence. Find it, drill it!
  11. Focus on job creation and business growth, tax reform, tax amnesty for corporations with offshore accounts, tort reform, getting unions out of our government and institutions. Kill AFTA!
  12. Congressional Term Limits with a national recall mechanism that only takes a few weeks for any Federal servant that refuses to keep their oath of office or obey the laws of our Nation or our States.
  13. Repeal the 16th Amendment. Replace the income tax system with the Fair Tax. Boost the economy by igniting business and repatriating oversees jobs. Everyone pays their fair share including illegals and criminals.
  14. Repeal the 17th Amendment. Let State Governors choose Senators to represent the States. This will ensure accountability to the people they serve; eliminate lobbyists, bribes, voter corruption and intimidation.
  15. Close the Dept. of Education. Education is a state responsibility not a Marxist play ground for corrupting our history and our children’s minds and souls.
  16. End Pork barrel spending. This is only paybacks, theft, bribery and corruption.
  17. End all bailouts of public institutions. End all financial and political support of: unions, media organizations, all voter groups like ACORN, student loan forgiveness for Congressional member’s children, unemployment support for foreign countries and bribes to foreign countries to get their support.
  18. Make lobbying a federal congressional member a felony.
  19. Fix Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Return all our money stolen by Congress.
  20. Pass a new law that requires every elected federal employee to provide the same proof of eligibility to each state Governor. To include a general medical statement of health, a certified birth certificate, income and tax returns, police arrest records, judicial rulings and military service records including awards and judgments.
  21. Repeal every single executive order and piece of legislation signed by Obama.
  22. Repeal or overturn all Federal laws or rulings outlawing prayer, religious activity or religious writings in all government, private or public domains, documents, currency, spaces, or institutions. The Constitution grants no authority to the Federal government over these issues. This is a States rights issue and should be voted on by the citizens of each state.
  23. Repeal or overturn all Federal laws or rulings regarding abortion or marriage. The Constitution grants no authority to the Federal government over these issues. This is a States rights issue and should be voted on by the citizens of each state.
  24. Repeal or overturn all Federal laws or rulings regarding education and health care. The Constitution grants no authority to the Federal government over these issues. This is a States rights issue and should be voted on by the citizens of each state.
  25. Reform all laws regarding campaign donations. Place equal limits on individuals and corporations. If you are doing a good job, you don’t need to waste millions of public or private dollars getting re-elected. Let the States participate by mandating town hall participation several times per year where appointed state representatives can meet with elected Congressional members to discuss legislation, national or state concerns. You were chosen to be the voice of the people that elected you, not judge and jury over our lives by some perverted sense of divine right. What we expect, demand and deserve from you is no less than we expect from our fireman, our soldiers, our teachers, our doctors or our clergy.
The first eleven items ensure a Republican victory in 2010 and 2012, to the extent that the progressive Democratic Party will be ineffective for at least 20 years. A Conservative victory is the only choice we have. The alternative is slavery for all. It is imperative that we take back the House of Representatives in November 2010. We look towards our future and forward to your allegiance.


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