Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Job killers vs. job creators

From Newt Gingrich on Human Events on July 21:
The campaign this fall can be boiled down to a simple choice: job-killers versus job-creators.

With so many Americans out of work, candidates will win decisive victories if they can show their opponent's policies will kill jobs and their policies will create jobs.

Governing is about having the right principles, policies, processes and people.

Successful leaders hold principles that work in the real world, and these principles lead them to the right policies. And because they are determined to measure results, they develop processes that work. Finally, with the right principles, policies, and processes, they look for people who are driven, practical, and experienced to get the right things done the right way.

Unfortunately, under the Pelosi-Reid Congress and the Obama presidency, government has become a job-killing system thanks to a set of principles, policies, processes and people that are completely disconnected from reality.


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