Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Michelle Obama goes walkabout in Marbella
after 'racist' Spaniards gaff

From Britain's the Daily Mail on Aug. 5 (in England):
The Obama administration faced an embarrassing diplomatic blunder today after it was forced to pull a warning about racism in Spain -- just as the First Lady arrived in the country for a summer holiday.

Soon after touching down in the Costa del Sol yesterday morning, Michelle Obama was pictured taking in the sights of Marbella with daughter Sasha, nine, surrounded by a throng of bodyguards.

Staff at the U.S. State Department removed the contentious advice to travellers, which included the phrase 'racist prejudices could lead to the arrest of Afro-Americans who travel to Spain,' from its website on Monday.

She is on a four-day visit and will be staying at the five-star Villa Padierna, rated as one of the world's top 30 hotels, with 40 friends. The party has reserved 60 rooms.

But Mrs Obama's trip now risks being overshadowed by a row about institutionalised racism.

Please note the bolded text. Why is she spending so much money when the U.S. economy is terrible? And why wouldn't she spend that money on American businesses?


cantueso said...

I don't think that Spaniards are racist, but Marbella was the worst possible choice. It has had a bad name for two or three years by now. Who would have recommended such a tainted place?

Marbella became rich overnight some 30 or 40 years ago thanks to Arab money and Saudi sheiks who came there to show off their collections of beautiful wives.

By now Marbella is associated with high profile corruption scandals one after another. No politician would go there anymore except maybe at night and incognito.

I am very sorry. Somebody at the White House should be fired for such stupid advice.

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