Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Democrat Maurice Ferre endorses
Republican Rick Scott for governor

From George Bennett of The Palm Beach Post on Oct. 19:
Former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre, who got 4.9 percent in the Aug. 24 Democratic primary for Senate, announced today he’s supporting Republican Rick Scott in the governor’s race.

Ferre praised Scott’s economic stance and also made it clear he’s still smarting at the way he was treated by his own party.

Said Ferre: “Despite the fact that I am a Democrat, I am deeply disturbed by the exclusionary direction of the Florida Democratic Party. Even though I was the first Hispanic Democrat elected to the Florida state legislature and the first Hispanic Democrat elected Mayor of a major US City, I was denied the opportunity to address the Florida State Democratic Convention and denied the opportunity to participate in the Democratic US Senate Debates. This ‘politics of exclusion’ is an insult to every Hispanic voter in our state. Too many 2010 Democratic office seekers stood by silently as these injustices were perpetrated.”


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