Monday, October 4, 2010

Inspired by 'Roseanne,' Obama traps
America in a rabbit costume

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the show "Roseanne." I don't care that I'm 25 years old and should be more into "Grey's Anatomy" instead of '90s sitcoms that aren't on the air anymore. I love the characters, Roseanne's cracks and, most of all, the show's realistic portrayal of blue-collar, hardworking Americans (which is almost too realistic sometimes).

I get the sense that the Conners are Democrats. It's not explicitly said but somewhat implied just enough that I can still enjoy the show.

Yet an episode I watched recently made me reconsider my take on Roseanne's political affiliation -- and wonder whether President Barack Obama also enjoys "Roseanne."

In the episode, David moves out of the Conners' house when he accepts a job at Edelweiss Gardens, a theme park Roseanne describes as a place that "wants to be Disney World, but it's just some creepy fascist copy." David is paid well, given a place to live and brainwashed into obeying strict and ridiculous orders, including wearing a rabbit costume.

Although the episode is scripted and over-the-top, much of the dialogue at the end -- when Roseanne rescues David -- reminds me a lot of America today: lots of government handouts for the price of limited freedoms. No, we're not being forced to dress as bunnies, but we are being forced to prescribe to socialized health care, bail out banks and the auto industry, and let politicians run our "free" education system.

Here's part of the script from the "Roseanne" episode "Springtime for David":
David: They've given me a job, a place to stay. I've been at your house too long.
Roseanne: But David, you don't have to sell out everything you believe in just to pay the rent.
David: I like it here.
Roseanne: No you don't, David. You just think you do, because it's so easy. They do all your thinking for you. They make all your decisions for you. They say, "Hop," and you say, "How high?"
David: Three inches.
As far as "Roseanne" episodes go, this is not one of the show's best (and there are very few episodes I would dare say that about). But today, it's certainly one of the most relatable, and that's unfortunate. America is trapped in a rabbit costume, and we have to stop accepting the payments and the "free" places to live so we can experience real freedoms again.

I guess I've figured out what show Obama watches before he goes to bed.

Start watching at 1:45.

"You say they have freedom, but do they really? Are they free after work to go sit and have a beer and trash their boss like you can on any other job? No! And yet this place claims to represent what America stands for. Well, my America stands for more than $5 to park, $30 to get in and $5 tasteless bunny-shaped hamburgers. Now, if you will excuse us, David and I are going to get in my crappy car, drive along that polluted river, where we could get car-jacked or forced off the road by drunks, pull up in front of our house and run in before we are robbed, because that, mister, is my America, and I thank God we're free to enjoy it." -- Roseanne Conner

Click here for Part I of the episode and here for Part II.


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