Friday, October 15, 2010

Poll: Alex Sink trades places with Rick Scott

By Kenric Ward of Sunshine State News on Oct. 15:
Swapping positions, Democrat Alex Sink has taken a lead over Republican Rick Scott in Florida's tightly contested gubernatorial race, according to a new Sunshine State News Poll.

The fall campaign's first nightly tracking poll of 2,000 likely voters shows Sink moving ahead of Scott, 48-45. That's a 9-point swing since Oct. 6, when Scott led Sink, 50-44.

Jim Lee, president of Voter Survey Service, which conducted the polls, cautioned that the results are "not conclusive that Sink is ahead. We will see ebb and flow in nightly polling."

Still, Lee called the swing toward Sink in the latest Oct. 12-13 sampling "fairly significant."

"While the 3-point margin is still on the cusp of the poll’s 2.2 percent margin of error, it nevertheless represents statistically significant movement when compared back to Oct. 6 because it’s a net swing of 9 points (Sink up 4, Scott down 5)," Lee said.


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