Sunday, October 10, 2010

Republican Party of PBC supports
these candidates, amendments

U.S. senator: Marco Rubio
Governor and lieutenant governor: Rick Scott and Jennifer Carroll
Attorney general: Pam Bondi
Chief financial officer: Jeff Atwater
Commission of agriculture: Adam Putnam

Ballot opinions:
Amendment 1: repeal of public campaign financing YES
Amendment 2: repeal of public campaign financing YES
Amendment 4: referanda required for land use plans NO
Amendment 5: standards for legislative redistricting NO
Amendment 6: standards for congressional redistricting NO
Amendment 8: revision of class size requirements YES

Gen 2010:
Nonbinding referendum: balancing the federal budget YES
Palm Beach County -- question: requiring county code of ethics YES
School district: referendum to continue levy NO

Chairman Sid Dinerstein's judicial picks:
Justice of the Supreme Court:
Shall Canady be retained? YES
Shall Labarga be retained? NO
Shall Perry be retained? NO
Shall Polston be retained? YES

4th District Court of Appeal:
Shall Ciklin be retained? YES
Shall Damoorgian be retained? YES
Shall Gerber be retained? YES
Shall Gross be retained? YES
Shall Levine be retained? YES
Shall May be retained? YES

County court judge: Marni J. Bryson


Anonymous said...

Can't see how Rick Scott could be a logical choice at this time in our government. Just that being in your blog makes me want to do the opposite of everything you recommend

Miss Pfaff said...

Thanks for the comment. The information in this post isn't necessarily recommended by me -- as you can see by the headline, this is what the Republican Party of Palm Beach County recommends. I'm posting here what they suggest. The majority of my posts are like this.

Dave said...

To Anonymous: one bad apple spoils the whole bunch? That must keep you from voting in every election. Concur that Scott is a question mark, (so is Sink), but the rest of the slate is valid.

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