Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scott: I do not support proposed abortion bill

From Gary Fineout of The Gainesville Sun on Oct. 16:
TALLAHASSEE — Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott's campaign says Scott would not support a proposed law to make abortion illegal in nearly all instances in Florida.

A state legislator earlier this week sent out a message telling supporters that Scott pledged, if elected, to throw his support behind the bill that would make abortion illegal in Florida in nearly all instances, including rape and incest.

Chad Colby, a spokesman for Scott's campaign, said that Scott's position on abortion has been "consistent" and that Scott opposes abortion except when the woman's life is in danger, or if a woman has been a victim of rape or incest.

"Rick's position hasn't changed," Colby said. "You would be hard pressed to find where he's differed."

But Colby could not explain why Rep. Charles Van Zant of Keystone Heights told campaign supporters in an e-mail that they should vote for Scott because he personally promised to push through the GOP-controlled Legislature and sign into law the "Florida Right to Life Act."

"You will have to ask Mr. Van Zant," Colby said.


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