Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who is Alex Sink?

From Jim Meyers of Newsmax on Oct. 13:
Florida’s hotly contested gubernatorial race is becoming one of the first major skirmishes for the 2012 presidential race – and a win by Democratic candidate Alex Sink may give President Obama a second term in the White House.

Republicans are cringing at the prospect, and GOP backers across the country are backing businessman Rick Scott for the state’s top job.

Influential Democratic strategist Joe Trippi, asked last weekend on “Fox News Sunday” which governor’s race Democrats considers most important, said without blinking: Florida.

“I think this has big implications — redistricting later on in the 2012 presidential race,” he said. “Obama would like to carry Florida.

“That’s the one to watch, I think, in terms of a governor’s race. Does a big state like Florida stay in the Republican column or can Alex Sink pick it up?”

Polls show the race appears to be in a dead heat, with Scott carrying a slight lead with the latest Rasmussen poll showing him ahead by 3 points.

But despite the blizzard of TV ads across the state, many Florida voters know little about Democrat Sink, who breezed to an easy win in the state’s Democratic primary.

Her supporters cite the official line that she is a former banker and Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, effectively the state’s treasurer, who they claim has the financial know-how to steer the Sunshine state in difficult economic times.

But a closer examination of her record demonstrates a woeful record of acting as steward over public and private financial institutions.

And despite efforts to distance herself in recent weeks, she has been a staunch supporter of President Obama’s economic program.


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