Thursday, November 11, 2010

Action Alert: Call Congress: Ban earmarks!

From a Freedomworks press release Nov. 11:
You might think that after November 3rd, politicians … especially Republicans … would have gotten the message.

But just a little more than a week since the historic tidal wave of GOP victories in the House and Senate, the old-guard, establishment Republicans in Congress are already backpedaling on a key conservative issue and an important plank in the Contract From America: Earmark Reform.

Senator Jim DeMint has proposed that all Republican Senators commit to a moratorium on all federal earmarks. The issue is set to be decided early next week, during a special meeting that Senate Republicans have scheduled, but some are already balking at the proposal.

To you and me, last week's elections were a clear message that the culture of bloated federal spending and business-as-usual Washington politics will no longer stand.

Unfortunately, some Republicans in the Senate don't seem to be getting the message … at least not yet.

We need to TAKE ACTION NOW -- if you are represented by a Republican Senator CLICK HERE to use FreedomWorks interactive call center that will directly connect you with your Senator's office. Call them, and find out whether they intend to support Mr. DeMint's conference-wide moratorium on earmarked spending. Then encourage your friends and family to do likewise.

This is the first test of the Tea Party movement's resolve. We must apply the same energy we unleashed in the elections to holding these soon-to-be promise-breakers to their word.

Earmarks represent the worst of Beltway politics -- nothing but wasteful spending to grease the wheels for bigger and badder legislation. That's why a logical first step for Republicans who rode to resurgence should be the banning of all pork-laden earmarks -- emblems of wasteful spending and backroom deal-cutting.

TAKE ACTION NOW and help reinforce the fact that Republicans can't take tea party support for granted.

Politely, but firmly, tell their staff that if any politician -- of any party -- hopes to win the support of grassroots Tea Party activists, it's vital they begin IMMEDIATELY showing their support for important reforms of broken Beltway politics.

Their opposition to earmarks will be remembered. Their support of business-as-usual will not be forgotten.
What: Call Congress and urge your senator to ban earmarks.
When: Now.
Where: Anywhere by a phone!
For more information: Click here.


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