Monday, November 8, 2010

Action Alert: Send Rick Scott your ideas

Gov.-elect Rick Scott, R-Fla., has started a website,, for you to help him transition to his new position.

Scott says:
Government is a unique business in that the owner is also the only customer. I need your help. As Governor-Elect, I am immediately kicking off a new initiative – Florida 2.0 – your opportunity to tell Tallahassee how you want to see state government reformed. There are so many ways for citizens and state agencies to interact, but this challenge will provide direct access for you to tell me how Tallahassee can serve you better and be better stewards of your tax dollars.

As part of this accountability program, I want more interaction with the people of the State of Florida. We do not have all the answers or even all the questions. We need citizen input. Under a Scott Administration, you will have the opportunity to help transform our state government.
Click here to send Scott your ideas.


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