Monday, November 15, 2010

Action Alert: Sign the no lame-duck petition

FreedomWorks is asking people to sign a petition that it says tells Congress "to respect the will of the people as expressed through this fall’s election results."

The petition reads:
Dear Member of Congress,

The Lame Duck session is upon us, and though there are lawmakers who might still try to push their big government agenda in a last-hurrah before they leave town, I urge you to respect the will of the people as expressed in the recent election.

The Bush-era tax cuts are about to expire and taxes could shoot up for millions of Americans already struggling in the current economic downturn. The election was clear: Washington has a spending problem, not a funding problem and tax hikes would hurt the economy even further.

As your constituent, I urge you to vote against any tax hikes.

I also know that dealing with the Bush tax cuts, aren't the only potential issue during this lame duck session. I urge you to oppose any efforts to pass a cap and trade energy tax, any stimulus payments, additional bailouts, other tax hikes, and allowing the death tax to come back at 55%.

These would go directly against the will of the people - having had their say in the November Elections - and I urge you to oppose them as the worst kind of political, dirty-trick. The people have spoken and the people said “We want less - less taxes, less spending, less government.”

I will be watching your vote very closely on cap and trade, additional taxpayer-funded bailouts, any attempts to increase taxes, and any other policy proposals that erode more of our freedoms and expand the reach of government.
Click here to sign the petition. As of this posting, 100,853 letters and e-mails have been sent so far, FreedomWorks says.

What: No lame-duck petition.
When: Now.
Where: here.
For more information: Click here.


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