Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1,968 reasons to repeal

From Newt Gingrich on Human Events on Jan. 19:
If you had any doubt about the importance of repealing the health reform law, a new chart from the Center for Health Transformation will give you 1,968 reasons to repeal the bill.

The chart, titled "The New and Expanded Secretarial Powers in the Health Reform Law" reveals the ways in which the 2,700-page health reform law grants 1,968 powers to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Control over the largest single sector of the American economy (about 18% of GDP, or one out of every five dollars in the entire economy) and a matter of life and death for every American, will be handed over to one appointed bureaucrat.

Here are five outrageous examples the Center for Health Transformation found in the 1,968 grants of power:

1. The Secretary determines “clinical concern”of drugs -- Section 3307 -- (ii) IDENTIFICATION OF DRUGS IN CERTAIN CATEGORIES AND CLASSES. (I) … the Secretary shall identify, as appropriate, categories and classes of drugs for which the Secretary determines are of clinical concern. (II) CRITERIA. The Secretary shall use criteria established by the Secretary in making any determination under subclause (I). (iii) IMPLEMENTATION. The Secretary shall establish the criteria … and any exceptions … through the promulgation of a regulation which includes a public notice and comment period.
Meaning: The Secretary will decide what clinical drugs seniors can access.


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