Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy anniversary to me!

Today is my one-year anniversary of becoming The Real Polichick!

I started this blog a year ago as a way to share information, vent and clean out my e-mail. I wanted to inspire people, to change their way of thinking. Most importantly, I wanted to show that it's OK -- even cool -- to be a young, 20-something conservative. I'm proud of that.

In the past year, I've blogged about topics such as elections, health care, immigration, our president and, my biggest sticking point, fiscal issues. There have been posts about the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and the Tea Party. We've read a lot of bad news this year -- Obamacare, bailouts, the Gulf Cost oil leak and now the Arizona shooting -- but there's been some humor along the way, and I've got real hope and confidence for the next couple of years now that the Republicans have gained more power in Congress.

After 554 blog entries, a Twitter account with 86 followers, at least 22 faithful readers on Blogger and one national TV appearance, I've had more of a virtual impact on the political world than I ever thought I could. And it feels awesome!

So, thank you for reading. I can't wait to celebrate more anniversaries as The Real Polichick. And I hope to bring you more good political news for years to come.

Happy anniversary to me and all the other polichicks out there!


Just a conservative girl said...

Congrats and keep it up!!!

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