Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rep. Altmire: Dems who opposed
health care reform won't back repeal

From Michael O'Brien of The Hill on Jan. 6:
Most Democrats in the House who opposed healthcare reform won't vote to repeal it next week, one of those lawmakers said Thursday.

Rep. Jason Altmire (Pa.), a centrist Democrat who voted against healthcare reform last year in Congress, said he wouldn't vote for the Republican bill to repeal the law and that he expected all but a few colleagues to follow suit.

"[T]here's 13 Democrats remaining that voted against the healthcare bill, myself included. I've talked to a lot of them — I think we all have the same concerns. We think, by and large, it was a bad bill," Altmire said on Fox News. "It did more harm than good. But to repeal it all, including the few provisions that were beneficial, just doesn't make any sense."


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