Thursday, March 24, 2011

RPOF announces 2011 Presidency 5
debate and straw poll

Tallahassee –- Republican Party of Florida Chairman Dave Bitner announced March 7 that the RPOF will host the Presidency 5 Straw Poll from Sept. 22-24 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. The Presidency 5 Straw Poll is a critical test of grassroots support for Republican presidential candidates.

Additionally, RPOF is expanding the Presidency 5 Straw Poll to include a Republican presidential debate Sept. 22. The party will once again partner with FOX News to host the debate, which will give presidential candidates an opportunity to speak directly to Floridians as well as the nation.

“I am proud to announce the details of this important event,” Bitner said. “Presidency 5 will give the candidates an opportunity to bring their message directly to the people of Florida while allowing voters to participate in a poll that has historically predicted the eventual Republican nominee for President. We are also very excited to partner again with Fox News on another critical debate that will kick off the 2012 election season.”

Florida is the fourth largest state in the nation and has been the most important swing state in the last three election cycles. Florida recently picked up two additional electoral votes, bringing its total to 29 and increasing the state’s importance in determining the next U.S. president. The Florida Presidency Straw Poll has consistently predicted the eventual Republican Presidential nominee since its inception in 1979.

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